We've got ROCK in our heads!

Genre: Classic Rock / Rock / Top 40

Rockternal is a classic rock band from Cleveland, Ohio

We are inspired by all of the great bands that have been in our heads and on our radios since the Sixties, with a belief that no matter what genre or when it was released, a good song is a good song!!

As a band, we really enjoy playing live music to get those people in the audience up to sing and dance along with us. There is nothing like a party crowd of people singing, laughing, dancing and having a good time rocking’ out to some of their favorite songs from the past five decades. Take a look at our song list and I’m sure you’ll agree that there are a lot of great tunes on there.

The band was formed in 2009 after four longtime friends decided they had other ideas for a live classic rock act. We were all in various other bands at the time, but had grown weary of our situations. Three out of the four current members had been lead singers in other bands, so we thought it would be a nice change to have the ability to sing backing vocals and harmonies together while sharing the lead vocal duties. Along with that, came the realization that we could perform unlimited genres and styles of our favorite tunes. Add into the mix a hot lead guitar player and away we go!


Joe G.

Lead and Backing Vocals & Rhythm Guitar (Joe has played in local bands such as The Chauncey Shives Band”,” Absolut Rock n Roll”,” House Without…” and “Jade” along with several groups since being a student at Garfield Hts High School)

Alan M.

Lead and Backing Vocals & Bass Guitar (Al has played in local bands such as “Custard Pie”, “The Threetles”, “Bad Hair Day”, “ Lash” and several others since his High School days in Maple Hts)

Johnny S.

Lead and Backing Vocals & Drums (John has been in several local bands such as “The Effect”, “Camouflage”, “Unfinished Business” and several others since his High School days in Maple Hts)

Ronnnie C.

Lead & Rhythm Guitars (Ron is a current and founding member of the “Chauncey Shives Band” and has played in such bands as “Absolut Rock n Roll”, “Legal Limit”, “Penthouse Paupers” and several others)

We’re having a great time together as a group and have developed quite a relationship with all of those who have been attending our shows at the various venues around town. We are looking forward to the continued growth of our band as well as the continued support and inspiration of our friends who follow us into the fun!